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The expansive recreation room is set for use as a play room for the young and not-so-young, for playing pool, music practice, or lively conversation; a adjoining sitting room not only provides an arena for more cerebral games, but has glass doors that offer direct access to the patio and garden.

A wet bar in the middle of the room is equipped like a mini kitchen with counter seating, cabinets, fridge, dishwasher and pendant lighting. Behind this, a glass door reveals a wine cellar where more than 400 choice selections can be carefully stored in the environmentally-controlled room.

As well as the recreational aspect to this lower floor, this is where you’ll find the house’s service heart in its dedicated equipment room that ensures easy access to all controls. At its core is an automatic, environment-friendly and extremely efficient geothermal heating system fed by eight pipes that have been run 200 feet deep into the ground. Notably guaranteeing that the entire house can enjoy a comfortable temperature all year round, it provides cooling air conditioning in the summer and heating through the in-floor radiant system in cooler months. Additionally, the built-in vacuum system is installed in here, as well as the high-spec hot water tank and other essential infrastructure items.

Two guest bedrooms with bathrooms exquisitely equipped with limestone counters and high-end fixtures are located separately on the south side of the lower level to promote privacy and quiet.

The media room is positioned away from the lower bedrooms and is located closest to the staircase, allowing residents and guests to enjoy a movie and ascend to the rest of the house without being disruptive.

When it comes to keeping seasonal items or other belongings that don’t require regular use out of sight, storage areas are found throughout the thoughtful design of this level.