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Inner harmony can be expressed as outer beauty and nowhere is this more apparent than this home’s European-style garden. It reflects a place where individuality, personality and vision are expressed and celebrated. A picture of colour and infinite beauty, it readily fulfils its function as an additional living and entertaining space, easily accommodating family and guests and treating them to an outdoor sanctuary.

Overflowing with lush native plants (automatic sprinkler systems make watering effortless), it forms an impressive and thriving landscape fit for a house of this stature. The grounds are a perfect balance of manicured lawns and classically-crafted borders creating an oasis surrounded by a backdrop of tall hedging that provides the utmost privacy, while the fully-fenced garden ensures safety and security.

Working with the natural gradient of the property, terraced gardens have been formed with flagstone pathways that lead around the house and down past verdant flower beds filled with Pacific Northwest shrubs and flowers, bushes and trees, all painstakingly designed to create an unhindered organic flow.

A highlight of the garden is a water feature where a mechanically fed stream meanders its way over a rockery creating a gentle waterfall that soothes the senses with its flow, function, and freedom, playing a melody as it travels over the stone environment.

The path itself acts as a natural segue connecting the three-car detached garage to the house, and running between the patios, where tranquility is assured with private lounging areas offering opportunities for reading and relaxing, or the reverse – keeping numerous guests entertained when hosting summer parties. An eye-catching gas fire pit, further embellished with ingenious semi-circular stone seating and box hedging, provides a conversation piece as well as producing warmth on cooler evenings.

Strategically placed uplighting showcases individual specimens, creating depth to the landscape and pinpointing specific areas of the grounds so the garden can be enjoyed as much after dark as during daylight hours.